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2-channel compressor/limiter, with noise gate and side chain input.For protecting vocal microphones or dynamically played instruments against overload, for equalizing level fluctuations, for emphasising a signal and for transferring analogue recordings onto digital sound carriers (volume maximisation due to dynamic compression).For each channel:8-step LED level display, switchable to input signal or output signal12-step LED attenuation displayLED indicators for a perfect adjustment of the threshold values for expander/gate, compressor and limiterServo-balanced inputs and outputsBypass switch (hard bypass)Switch for hard or soft compression (hard/soft knee)Threshold control and rate control for expander/gateThreshold, ratio, attack, release and output level controls for compressorAutomatic mode attack/release for compressorSide chain mode for controlling the compressor via an additional external audio signal, with monitor function and low cut filter, can be switched on additionallyThreshold control for limiterSelector switch +4 dBu/-10 dBv for internal level adjustmentsParallel control of both channels possible via one operating panel (link/stereo mode)

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